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It is no secret that modern roundabouts are gaining momentum and popularity in North America. We have recently heard about many jurisdictions constructing their first roundabouts. Many more will be on the record with their first roundabout. Though the exact number of roundabouts is not known, it is estimated that North America now has about 3,000+ roundabouts and counting. Please join us in this exciting journey into the world of roundabouts...

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Featured Article #1

Over the past decade, roundabouts have become a popular intersection alternative over traditional stop controlled or signalized intersections in the United States. The reason the roundabout continues to be chosen over traditional intersection alternatives is due to safety and operational benefits. Andrew Plowman, P.E from the design firm WSB & Associates Inc discusses key issues related to roundabout misperceptions which increasingly appear to be a constant in roundabout design and implementation.

Main Articles

The articles listed below are featured in the latest edition of Roundabouts Now e-Magazine.

  • Roundabout Misperceptions: A Constant in Roundabout Design and Implementation By Andrew Plowman, P.E. from the design firm WSB & Associates, Inc.
  • A Comparison of the SIDRA Standard and Highway Capacity Manual 2010 Roundabout Capacity Models By Dr. Rahmi Akçelik from Akcelik and Associates Pty Ltd, Victoria, Australia.
  • Getting Around to Signing, Part 1 By Scott O. Kuznicki, P.E., Transportation Engineering Consultant and member of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD)

Featured Article #2

Dr. Rahmi Akçelik from Akcelik and Associates Pty Ltd presents a comparison of the fundamental aspects of the roundabout capacity model given in Highway Capacity Manual 2010 (HCM 2010) and the standard model used in the SIDRA INTERSECTION software. These models have some common features as well as significant differences. Using a multilane roundabout example given in HCM 2010, capacity and the resulting degree of saturation (v/c ratio), delay, level of service and queue length estimates from the HCM 2010 model are compared with those from the SIDRA Standard capacity model (using an Environment Factor of 1.2 for US conditions).


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